Star Wars: Pandora's Legacy

Episode Eleven

The Trojan Hutt (Part 2)

The crew waited in silence for night to fall, and the perfect moment to strike. utilizing their various skills to track the progress of guards, the length of shifts, and the passage of searchlights, they slipped out at the most optimal moment, resulting in no alarm being raised.

Spang and Ryla made their way towards the medical compound, where Spang used his genuine knowledge medical knowledge to convince a night custodian that he was one of the doctor’s assigned to the grim organ harvesting plot, and that Ryla was a potential ‘donor’. The man seemed dubious at first, but was eventually swayed and led the brother and sister to the holding pens.

This proved to be a vast arena-like space with two cylindrical transparasteel cells in the center, holding all the captives. The ground surrounding the cells was littered with small bones. Undaunted, Spang took up one of the force pikes available at the door, and the pair entered. Roughly halfway to their objective, they felt the ground rumble, and heard the bone-shilling call of a rancor. They made a rush for the cells. While Ryla made it, Spang stumbled and fell right in front of the oncoming beast.

Meanwhile, Varssk and Rhysh made their way up the security tower, using their natural talents and forethought to scale the outside. Rhysh set up his trusty signal jammer to prevent communicated alarms, while his Trandoshan friend made quick work of the guards. Together they broke down the door of the main control room, and confronted Hass Dorne, the serpentine chief slicer working for Gorman the Hutt.

Before they could bring Dorne to bear, however, he released his newest projects, to the horror of Rhysh: cyber-wookies. The once-noble warriors had been thoroughly lobotomized, cyberneticized, and programmed. Rhysh even recognized one of them from his childhood. Varssk waded forward, but the power of an individual cyberwookie was monstrous. The pair faced three.

Meanwhile, Marcus and Sinya managed to acquire the proper badges and clearance cards to get them into the communication tower. In the elevator up they were confronted by a squad of droids, but destroyed them handily in the enclosed space. They exited onto the main control floor only to find a very attentive Viktir Tory looking bemusedly at them.

The Rancor savaged Spang, and only Ryla’s quick intervention allowed his unconscious form to be dragged into the cell and quickly revived with stims. using her tenuous connection to the Force, Ryla caused a fallen weapon to speed into her outstretched hand, eliciting gasps and cries of “Jedi!” amongst the piteous prisoners. try as she might, however, Ryla’s blaster was just too weak the affect the mighty beast.

Varssk engaged the cyberwookies, and while he was able to hold his own against one, it became clear that two or more would shortly overwhelm him. Rhysh, acting on instinct, used the Force to convince Hass Dorne to deactivate the experimental guards. The serpentine Slicer was affected, but only momentarily. Shaking off the strange compulsion, he reactivated the wookies, destroyed the control panel, and fled the room.

Varssk bravely tried to keep the cyberwookies engaged while Rhysh quickly examined the panel, splicing together enough wires to regain control. Once he had it, he was able to make the wookies stand down and chase after Dorne, though the sliver had already escaped. Accessing the security cameras, Rhysh called up footage of the Medical Compound, and quickly debated with Varssk about how they could save their friends from the rancor. In the end they sent the cyberwookies sprinting out of the security tower to engage the mighty creature.

Knowing that assaulting Tory was an unideal solution, Sinya attempted to charm him, and in almost any male this would have worked exquisitely. Tory, however, was far more interested in Marcus, and made his interest known. It came out that he was working for Gorman due to his need for a rare and specific heart-transplant, and he had a growing suspicion that Gorman didn’t intend to ever produce his end of the bargain.

The pair were able to convince Tory to stand aside; in return they would guarantee him a heart.

Spang and Ryla were sheltering within the cracked cells when the cyberwookies suddenly swarmed the rancor. They swiftly led the prisoners to a hasty escape, and the howls and roars of the battle behind them shook the building.

In the end, the two towers fell simultaneously, the Volunteers took the Gate, and Saddo’s forces were able to breach the compound, overwhelming Gorman’s security. As a last act of repudiation the Golden Hutt was sent slowly towards the Medical Compound where it detonated, utterly destroying the foul enterprise within.



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