Star Wars: Pandora's Legacy

Episode Five


E orbitThe crew of the Second Chance found themselves amidst friends on the Rebel Fleet, and enjoyed a productive month of rest and repair after their recent skirmishes. In their own ways they continued to make friends amongst the Alliance personnel, and were generally well regarded by the galactic freedom fighters.

Some of the newly formed relationships were more complex than others.

After some intense discussion, the crew decided that they should take General Rieekan into their confidence in regards to Spang’s true heritage. Given that the princess was overdue, but had not been captured or killed (that they knew) they decided that waiting too long might seem opportunistic. And should the Princess not return, not revealing the truth at all would rob the Alliance of the morale value of having an heir to Alderaan in their ranks.

The Alderaanian General was skeptical at first, but when Spang handed him the datapad he was struck silent by all that was revealed inside. He requested some time to review Alderaanian succession law, but admitted that so far as he could tell, the documents were valid, legal, and proved that Spang was the Prince and heir to the throne. More problematically, they also proved that Princess Leia was an adopted pretender. Rieekan agreed with the need for secrecy, for the time being.

In his quest to learn more about his father, Marcus revealed his genetic heritage to General Rieekan, along with the story of the encounter with Boba Fett. While Rieekan has many anecdotes to share on the Clone and the Clone wars, he was frankly skeptical that any of the original Clones could have survived given the advanced nature of their aging process. None the less, he directed them to the Chief Medical Officer, a Mon Cal named Jesec. The Doctor was more informed, having made a study of Clone physiology in the course of his medical career.

Colonel scalperIn fact, he volunteered that a man with identical genetic markers to Forsev was serving in the Rebel military, and had only just rejoined the fleet after a successful commando mission.

With the help of Commander Antilles, the crew was able to identify and meet the mysterious Colonel Scalper, who looked like a harder and more scarred version of Forsev. The Colonel was surrounded by his commandos (Scalper’s Raiders), and the group seemed intent on maintaining a distance from the rest of the crew. Wedge volunteered that they never socialized, and were viewed with no small amount of fear by the common fighting men.

Marcus approached Scalper and managed to get a few answers from him, though he didn’t pursue the subject aggressively. They parted on what was (for Scalper) quite friendly terms.

Meanwhile Rhysh made fast friends with the grizzled old Wookie Chef, Shhirrak. At exactly the same time Varssk drew the chef’s animosity, while Sinya put considerable effort into easing any tensions between them, and getting Shhirrak to share some of his story. The Twi’lek learned of the chef’s daughter’s capture by slavers, and vowed to pass on the information to her contacts (which she did, though they were pointedly less interested in freeing a Wookie slave at the expense of any Twi’lek mission).

250px herglicLastly, Varssk made a point of providing a gift to the wookie cook. He trading back-breaking labor to Oolaf, a Herglic maintenance worker, in exchange for a large piece of tusk ivory, which he then presented to Shhirrak as a peace-offering. The wookie accepted it, and the feud (such as it was) ended.

Towards the end of their wait for the repairs to be completed on the Second Chance, there was a tumult throughout the fleet. The Millennium Falcon had finally returned, bringing with it Princess Leia. They did not visit the flagship cruiser, docking instead at a medical frigate due to grievous wounds suffered by Commander Luke Skywalker on Bespin. With little time to prepare, the crew requested that Rieekan bring them along while he debriefed the Princess, and he agreed.

The meeting was blunt, direct, and traumatic. With little to no preamble, Spang gave Leia the datapad that proved his claim by invalidating hers. Shocked beyond words, the Princess vanished to a private suite to compose herself, but quickly requested that Spang join her. They spoke at length, the discredited Princess showing the royal poise with which she’d been trained. As much as the revelation of her adoption was a shock to her, the notion that any member of her family (even an adopted family) had survived was joy enough to bring her nearly to tears. In the end they agreed to let the matter lie, and save Spang’s revelation for a later date. Oddly, Leia didn’t seem too put out at surrendering her theoretical throne. Her first concern was the Alliance, and making sure nothing distracted it from its just purpose.

Lando calrissian   swgtcgMeanwhile the rest of the crew made awkward conversation with Lando Calrissian and Chewbacca, and learned that the owner of the Millennium Falcon, Han Solo, had been captured by Boba Fett on the orders of Jabba the Hutt. Clearly there were details being left out, but it was clear that the pair were dedicated to rescuing their friend.

Chewbacca swgtcgAt the end of the meeting the crew decided to keep to their previous plan: to follow up on the trail left by Danae Kuat to a small unchartered world far from the hyperspace lanes. They made the journey, and almost immediately discovered a planet teaming with life, but with no hint of technological advancement at all. In fact the world was so pristine that the recent ion trail from a ship’s sublight drives were visible to the ship’s sensors, and allowed them to determine what they assumed was their parent’s landing zone. The dense vegetation forced them to land several days away, and load up their speeder for an overland trek. Traveling through the primordial swamps and jungles, they finally came across a humble dwelling, and met a small wizened creature who claimed to be a figure out of legend: Jedi Master Yoda.

Before the light of his small hearth fire, Yoda answered their questions, both spoken and unspoken. He told them of their parent’s true heritage as Jedi students, of their own potential in the Force, and most pointedly, revealed the links of betrayal and treachery between the crew’s families. Lastly, Yoda gave them the information they sought, surrounded by dire warnings: the coordinates of the Pandora Fleet’s next hyperspace jump.

Gatekeeper sunriderGatekeeper qel dromaReeling from these revelations, the crew hastily retreated back to their ship, and took counsel with Gatekeeper, the mysterious droid brain at the center of their ship’s computer. Gatekeeper took it upon itself to reveal even more, splitting into two images: one a righteous female Jedi named Master Sunrider, and the other an as-yet unknown Sith male. While not all of the crew’s questions were answered, Master Sunrider admitted that the ship’s computer did not have a droid brain as its core, but rather a Jedi Holocron from the Alderaan Praxeum. This particular Holocron had been designed to contain a Sith Holocron, and the Gatekeeper program was just that: a prison for the secrets hidden within.

The crew knew they had over a month before the next appearance of the Pandora Fleet, and determined that their time would best be spent unlimbering themselves of the debts and obligations they’d inherited from their parents. In the mean time they would practice the calming meditative techniques that would prevent their latent force abilities from causing undue harm to one another.



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