Star Wars: Pandora's Legacy

Episode Four

Empire Ascendant

Immobilizer interdictor cruiserHaving set a course for the secret rebel base at Hoth, the Second Chance was brutally yanked into real-space several minutes early, and within the midst of an Imperial invasion fleet. Without any warning they were surrounded by swarms of TIE-Fighters, and hemmed in on all sides by massive Star Destroyers. An Imperial Interdictor Cruiser was preventing them (and the Rebel forces of Hoth) from entering hyperspace to escape.

Without any other options the crew strapped into their battle stations and engaged the Cruiser, desperately hammering at it with concussion missiles while avoiding it’s own defensive quad-laser cannon batteries and fighting off the attention of incoming Imperial starfighters.

Ryla took the helm with her brother Spang acting as co-pilot. Marcus and Sinya manned the ship’s laser cannons, while Rhysh and Varssk did their best to allay the damage done by incoming fire.

398227 tie fighter squardron5At one point Sinya noticed a flaw in the Cruiser’s overlapping shield matrix, providing a perfect firing window for the Second Chance’s quad concussion missile launcher. The old gunship lived up to it’s original design and purpose as it hammered at the Cruiser again and again, fighting off TIE’s and destroying the nearby gun emplacements.

They were aided by the appearance of the Rebel X-Wing Rogue Squadron, led by Wedge Antilles. Thinking quickly, Rhysh used an old Rebel cypher to send a coded message to the fighters, stating their purpose in fulfilling Ph’ton’s mission. The X-Wing’s joined their effort, and under their combined and withering firepower the Cruiser lost it’s gravity well generators, and was forced to focus entirely on defense.

Xwing hero home swWasting no time, Commander Antilles beamed coordinates to the Rebel rendezvous to the Second Chance, and everyone escaped into Hyperspace. While in transit, Rhysh had a strange encounter where he overheard half of an apparent conversation between the Gatekeeper and Lylek, Sinya’s feline pet. The ship’s computer refused to offer any information (or even confirmation that a conversation took place), and attempts to elicit a response from the spukami failed. In waking across a control panel it brought up an astrogation map showing the apparent alternate destination of Danae Kuat, but showed no further interest in the proceedings.

When they emerged they were surrounded by the utter blackness of deep-space, with the galactic plane spread out below them, and the Rebel fleet within sensor range. They were broad on board a rebel frigate, and greeted warmly by Commander Antilles in the docking bay. He promptly took the crew to be interviewed by General Rieekan, the supreme commander at Hoth’s now-destroyed Echo Base.

The General was deeply grieved to hear of Ph’ton’s death, and acknowledged that he, personally, was the professor’s Rebel contact. With Hoth a total loss and the Rebel forces having suffered so thorough a defeat, however, he did not have the manpower or equipment to pursue the Pandora Fleet. None the less, he offered the astrogation data necessary to complete the equation, and further hinted that he could make good use of a team with the skills displayed by the Second Chance’s crew.

After a brief discussion amongst themselves, they determined to follow their lead on Danae, and the place where she supposedly though she could discover the fleet’s next appearance. First, however, the General generously offered to have their ship repaired and rearmed, and Commander Antilles returned to show them to the ship’s mess-hall for a long-overdue meal.



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