Star Wars: Pandora's Legacy

Episode Nine


Second chanceAboard the Second Chance, the overly crowded hold had been transformed into a small chanty-town holding over a dozen travelers. But the most dangerous guest had yet to wake up in the small infirmary. By the time Shala’shiri began to stir the ship was already well on its way to the Hive.

Her first act of consciousness was to lure Spang within reach, and threaten him with maiming if she wasn’t turned loose. Before she could go much further her own cousin stunned both she and the young doctor.

Her second act of consciousness was to realize that she had been restrained to her bed, and her cybernetic implant had somehow been prevented from uplinking with any ship’s systems. She was greeted by both Spang and Varssk, who had a very thorough talk with her regarding her options. In return for being set free, and given an introduction to servants of Pluuvo Two-for-One, Shiri promised to cease any attempt to aggress upon the ship or its crew, and forsake her burning vengeance towards her cousin, at least in the immediate future.

Shala shiriShala’sinya asked Varssk to allow her to speak to her cousin, and he stepped outside, leaving the two Twi’leks alone with Spang. While Sinya attempted to reason with Shiri, Shiri’s hatred, honed by years of abuse and cruelty rise to the forefront. She taunted, insulted and provoked Sinya, turning aside every effort to appeal to their childhood friendship. Sinya, incensed, pulled her blaster on Shiri, but the latter pressed her temple against the emitter, and dared Sinya to pull the trigger.

To Shiri’s surprise and Spang’s horror, she did. Shiri died instantly, the point-blank shot scattering her blood and brains in a smoking spray across the room. In a near fugue state, Sinya exited the infirmary, dropped her blaster in the short corridor, and locked herself away in her room. The rest of the crew scrambled to respond to the loud report of blaster fire, and slowly piece together what happened, while concealing it from their guests.

TooluulIn the meantime Jnar’frey the Bothan was questioned about his Rebel contacts, and it was revealed that he was, in fact, a spy in the employ of the Rebellion. Lady Ashla the Togruta was revealed to be Force Sensitive, though she herself seemed ignorant of the fact.

The crew arrived on the Hive, and Saddo happily returned to his estate, joined by Chewbacca and Lando Calrissian. Varssk reunited with his gang, the Volunteers, and managed to send a message to Tooluul. He learned that his fellows were planning an improbable assault on the estate of Gormon the Hutt, which Tooluul expressly vetoed unless Varrsk can find a way to make it ten times less ridiculous. The Trandoshan was given a month to work it out before his meeting with Pluuvo on Deveron.



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