Star Wars: Pandora's Legacy

Episode Seven

Into the Fire

VorthaThe Celestial Dream is the height of Outer Rim opulence and luxury. The infamous pleasure slaver’s annual auction cruise is the benchmark by which Hutts, crime lords, and sin brokers measure their own merchandise. To even be able to bid on a slave on the Celestial dream a prospective buyer needs to place a small fortune in escrow, and possess a name that resonates within the criminal underworld.

Luckily for the crew of the Second Chance, Lando Calirssian possessed both. While the silver-tongued gambler rubbed elbows with high-end scum under Chewbacca’s watchful gaze, the rest of the crew busied themselves mapping the ship’s corridors, schedules, and security parameters. With the aid of Rhysh’s converted janitorial drone, and the information gleaned from the rest of the crew’s covert observations, they located both Sinya and Ryla.

Moff tarnWhile so engaged they were paid a visit by Moff Tarn, the Imperial official in charge of regulating the slave trade. He made it clear that his priority within the human-centric Empire lay in making certain that any humans who are bought and sold are done so in a manner that doesn’t undermine the superiority of the species.

With Shala-shiri’s enthusiastic aid, Rhysh tinkered further with the ship’s computer networks, though every time he penetrated a sensitive file system he began to see glitches reminiscent of a virus. He quickly backed out of the systems to preserve his identity, but not before absconding with ten thousand credits of slaver money. Worried that the glitches might represent some other entity’s attempt to circumvent the defenses, he programmed his janitorial drone to alert him if the Celestial Dream’s defenses were subverted.

Kil tek tet colicoidZook huiLater that evening the crew attended an introductory dinner where the top shelf “merchandise” was paraded in front of a luxurious banquet before the second-tier slaves went up for auction. Joining them at their table were Moff Tarn as well as a cannibalistic Collicoid and a Rodian hunter. The Rodian, Zook Hui, clearly recognized Ryla when she was paraded in front of the passengers in a ridiculous pirate outfit.

Using illicit funds, Rhysh made certain to make good on his and Chewbacca’s promise to free Shirrassa, the Wookie slave. To maintain appearances they bought two others, a Twi’lek and a Rodian, and sent all three to their ship for safe-keeping.

Ahsoka slaveCommission  slave girl rowr by daggerpointThe following evening was the main auction, and the crew were reunited, after a fashion. Shala’sinya sat to the right of the vast Hutt crime lord, Vortha, chained by her collar to his vast throne-like couch. Ryla waited in line to be sold amongst a captured noble and a stolen princess. Saddo the Hutt worked the crowd amongst the other buyers. The bidding quickly ran past the crew’s available funds (even the pilfered credits). Disdaining other purchases, Zook Hui saved all his money for Ryla, and when the “captured space piratess” finally came up for sale, he silenced the room by opening with twenty thousand credits. Before the sale could be completed all eyes turned to a small janitorial drone that was acting very peculiarly.

At that moment the alarms started going off, and the cruiser’s escort fighters began dropping from the sky while its own formidable defenses lost power and deactivated. The attack had come.



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