Star Wars: Pandora's Legacy

Episode Six

Legacy of Lies

250px sullust negasHaving settled on a destination to make contact with their various points of obligation, the crew set out on the Second Chance for the industrial world of Sullust. Places at a crossroads between three hyperspace lanes, and set along the most civilized slice of the Outer Rim, it represented the best environment in which a ship might pass unnoticed while still having access to advanced communications and vast orbital facilities.

Upon arrival the ship was routed to Docking Station Five, a commercial port for public use. The interior was lit with glowing signs offering every commodity and service imaginable, and the vast central rotunda had both public and private communication terminals for hire.

KrrrskRhysh, Sinya, and Varssk immediately took advantage of this fact to check in with their associates. The Wookie slicer made sure to tinker with the terminal to make certain that their call would be free and private, and then checked in with Krrrsk, his Verpine fellow-slicer and employee of Saddo the Hutt. Krrrsk was very happy to hear from his young friend, but informed Rhysh that Saddo was not on Hive at the moment, and was instead enjoying a cruise.

TooluulRhysh then vacated the booth for Sinya’s use, and jury-rigged a second one for Varrsk, who called his contact amongst Pluuvo’s people, Tooluul. It turned out that Pluuvo did have some business on Sullest Station 5; a merchant who owed him money, and had been slack in paying. Varrsk and Marcus set out to find the merchant’s shop and shake him down. When they did, they were surprised to find both Lando Calrissian and Chewbacca there. It seemed that while waiting for the Millenium falcon to have a much-needed overhaul, the pair had decided to move forward with their plans to rescue their friend, Han Solo, from the infamous crime lord, Jabba the Hutt.

Lando calrissian   swgtcgThe merchant apparently had connections in the Black Sun criminal empire, and Lando was attempting to turn those connections to his advantage. His recent misfortunes in Bespin, however, had reduced his credibility as a viable investment. The group quickly came to an agreement to help Lando and Chewie while accomplishing their own goal. The merchant was intimidated into paying, but needed Lando to help fund the effort. Lando, in turn, got the meeting he wanted with a Black Sun Vigo.

Meanwhile Spang, Ryla, and Rhysh went to the local medical facilities, where Spang attempted to talk his way into a short-term job. Unfortunately for him, the resident surgeon noted all the signs of addiction on the young man and immediately ordered (with the help of Spang’s sister) that he be put through detox. Ten unpleasant hours later, and a worn-out Spang was taken back to the ship, where the crew had some hard-love to share regarding his habits.

OossikEventually it was time for the meeting with the Vigo. The crew opted to accompany Lando and Chewie in case it proved to be a trap. There were met by a large, dangerous-looking Trandoshan named Oossik. He proceeded to belittle and insult the party, while at the same time digging for more information as to their motivations. It became clear that he didn’t consider them a threat, and took malicious pleasure in provoking them. In the end, however, he agreed to give Lando a chance, and provided him a task to perform. If he and his companions pulled it off, Lando could expect to have Black Sun backing in the future.

Shala shiriThe crew also realized that they hadn’t seen Sinya since their arrival. Rhysh immediately looked into the station’s arrest logs, and found nothing directly pertaining to her. He did, however, find a reference to an escaped Twi’lek slave who had been recaptured. Meanwhile Marcus spotted Sinya in the Rotunda, sitting with a male Twi’lek. When approached it was clear she didn’t recognize him. The truth soon came out, to the horror of all involved: this was Sinya’s long-lost cousin Shiri. The two were nearly identical, and when Shiri had escaped from a luxurious slaving vessel earlier in the day, the slavers had recaptured Sinya by error.

At this same moment the Vigo’s task was transmitted to the ship: they were to intercept and infiltrate the luxurious slaving vessel Celestial Dream, and then wait for further instructions. It was, predictably, the same ship that now held Sinya captive.

Shiv telThe Celestial Dream had been in operation for several decades under the ownership of a powerful Hutt Cartel boss named Vortha. It styled itself as a luxury cruise liner that offered the finest selection in leisure and entertainment slaves. Shiri and her friend Odal were able to fill in some gaps, and provide the ship’s course and a loose plan; they could intercept the Celestial Dream, and then gain entry by pretending to be slavers selling merchandise. Lando Calrissian’s name carried enough weight in underworld circles to pull off the deception, and Varssk could pose as his slaver client. The wookies and Marcus could be bodyguards, while Spang could be a doctor in Lando’s hire to inspect his purchases. This left only Ryla, who would have to pose as a slave to be sold: a captured space pirate.

The group managed to get on board the Celestial Dream using this plan, and then they were taken to a guest suite. The Master of Merchandise, an unnerving Twi’lek named Shiv’tel, arrived to take Ryla away for inspection and storage amongst the general slave population. Varssk and Marcus accompanied them, and got a glimpse of the facilities while playing up their roles.

ShirrassaRhysh busied himself turning one of the small vaccum droids into a spy, but paused when a string of slaves were offered to the suite for “dalliance”. He selected the only Wookie present: a short-haired specimen named Shirrassa, whom he took into his confidences.

SaddoAfter established themselves, a new message arrived from Black Sun, detailing the second part of their mission. The message indicated that the ship would come under some form of attack, and that when this happened Lando and his team were to make every effort to preserve the life of one of the passengers in the cross-fire: Saddo the Hutt.



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