Star Wars: Pandora's Legacy

Episode Ten

The Trojan Hutt

Having evaluated the Vonunteer’s plan to assault Gorman the Hutt’s compound, Varssk couldn’t help but catch their infectious enthusiasm. He was forced to acknowledge the realities of the matter, however, and pleaded with his gangmates to give him a few days to come up with a plan that still allowed the use of the giant Hutt statue without forcing Pluuvo to withdraw his support.

In order to better understand their foe, Spang, Ryla, Sinya, and Marcus decided to go out on an information-gathering mission. Settling on a disreputable looking cantina, Spang tried to trade controlled substances for information on why so many poor beings were going missing near Gorman the Hutt’s compound.

Ryla and Sinya played heavies, while Marcus blended into the crowd as backup. After a few misfires Spang was able to get some useful information out of a trio of junkies, including the fact that Gorman the Hutt was running an illegal organ harvesting operation. Appropriately horrified, the team withdrew ro share the information with their fellows, but not before attracting some extra unwanted attention.

A trio of muggers attempted to waylay them, since they clearly had drugs and money, but the heroes were ready for them. Despite being ambushed, they swiftly overpowered their attackers while Marcus flanked them from behind. While Spang, Sinya, and Ryla continued on their way, marcus attempted to extract some information from the lone survivor, but was himself caught flatfooted by a cold-eyed professional killer who clearly worked for Gorman the Hutt.

The professional let Marcus go, but told him to warn his friends to stop digging into his employer’s business. He then promised he would deal with the cleanup from the altercation, a statement filled with ominous overtones. Indeed, when their Bothan companion Jnar’frey went out to reconnoiter the next day he reported that both the junkies who had shared information and the attackers from the previous night were no where to be found. Word on the street was that they’d become “donors”, a particularly chilling thought. The Cantina was closed as well.

Knowing now what they faced, Varssk felt more comfortable in taking the information to Pluuvo, trusting that the crime lord’s aversion to slavery might extend to something as vile as harvesting organs from helpless victims. He contacted Tooluul, and the two spoke at length. It became clear that while Pluuvo certainly detested such business practices, he was too rpactical to go to war over them. However, his forays into Hutt Space had led him to consider a more permanent arrangement. Knowing that Saddo the Hutt had recently inherrited a veritable fortune from his late uncle, Vortha the Hutt, Tooluul reasoned that Saddo might be willing to engage in a partnership where the hutt aided Pluuvo’s expansion into Hutt Space while Pluuvo used his vast infrastructure to help Saddo direct his new resources.

So long as Saddo was open to the idea, it had a chance of working, and a joint enterprise to seal the deal wouldn’t be out of the question. Rhysh volunteered to float the idea past Saddo’s chief bookkeeper, his old friend and mentor Krrrsk. Before too much time had passed, the crew found themselves standing before Saddo himself while Tooluul appeared in person to carefully outlined the partnership being offered.

To test the alliance, Pluuvo would aid in the hostile takeover of Saddo’s neighbor’s territory, and the joint effort would be spearheaded by a mixed team of agents trusted by both factions: the crew of the Second Chance.

Their plan in place, they used Tooluul’s resources to complete the Trojan Hutt, and pilot it to Gorman’s vast walled compound. Jnar’frey played the part of delivery-man, with Princess Myhr’s support, and they were able to convince the guards to allow the massive sculpture past the gates.

All that remained was to wait for the perfect moment to strike.



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