Star Wars: Pandora's Legacy

Episode Three

Sins of the Father

E orbit 02En route to Ryloth V, the newly forged crew explored the ship they’d inherited from their parents, discovering numerous peculiarities. Rhysh managed to increase his access to the ship computer’s droid brain, which introduced itself to him as Gatekeeper. It became clear through discussion with Gatekeeper’s holographic avatar that it held a great deal of data they could not yet access. It did provide them some information on their next contact: a colleague of Professor Ph’ton’s named Vul Foahl.

Meanwhile the Second Chance arrived at Ryloth V, the smallest and farthest moon from the Twi’lek home world. Foahl’s operation turned out to be an abandoned Spice Refinery that had been re-purposed to provide illegal star-ship modifications. After a typical Givin exchange of equations, the shop was cleared to land in a mechanics bay. The crew made the acquaintance of Foahl, and provided the sad news of Ph’ton’s death.

Vul foahlFortunately the late Professor had already arranged payment for most of the modifications necessary to pursue the Pandora Fleet. In honor of the Bith’s memory, Foahl volunteered to make a gift of the rest. The crew split up so they could make arrangements for a memorial service, while Marcus and Ryla stayed in the canteen. Marcus caught sight of his father, Forsev, skulking in the corner. The latter, upon noticing his observer, wandered down one of the many abandoned corridor in the old facility.

When Marcus pursued, he was ambushed. This was not entirely unexpected, given Forsev’s proclivities, but what did come as a surprise was the fact that the man Marcus followed was not, in fact, his father, despite being almost identical in appearance, mannerism, and body language. Instead, it was the infamous bounty hunter, Boba Fett. Fett interrogated Marcus at blaster-point, and referred to the young man’s father as “Alpha-047”. He made no effort to explain the mystery, instead making a slow, careful retreat.

Boba fettOver the next day the Second Chance had both hardware and software upgrades so that it could conduct the necessary deep space scans. The crew had their memorial service for Professor Ph’ton, atomizing his remains in the Bith fashion. Towards the end there was a sudden commotion heralding the arrival of Tyber Zann, a crime lord recently escaped from Kessel. It soon became clear that the entire operation on Ryloth V was part of the infamous Zann Consortium.

Tyber zannBoba Fett reappeared, and presented Zann with a bounty: a Gran who had apparently sold out the crime lord to rival Hutts. The two retired to the canteen, only to be subsequently followed by Spang and Varssk. Fett seemed to be aware of Spang’s interest, and vanished to deliver a pointed message to the rest of the crew.

Without any other misadventures the Second Chance dusted off, and tested the new scanning equipment. After a brief discussion the crew decided to take the Pandora Equation to the Rebel Alliance as the late professor intended. After querying Gatekeeper, they set course for Hoth.

They were jolted out of Hyperspace several minutes early into the middle of the Imperial Fleet, its invasion of the Rebel stronghold already underway. The Battle of Hoth had begun.

Imperial fleet



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