Boba Fett

Human Bounty Hunter


To nearly everyone in the Galaxy, Boba Fett has no face. Yet his distinctive helmet and battered Mandalorian armor have come to inspire fear, dread, and respect in every corner of the criminal underworld. Boba Fett guards his privacy fiercely, so even his species isn’t known for a certainty, although he is widely thought to be the human son of the infamous Jango Fett.

Marcus Aranar is one of the few men to have seen Fett’s face and live to tell the tale. To his shock, Fett looked almost exactly like a slightly younger clean-shaven version of his father, Forsev Aranar (a man Fett referred to as Alpha-047). What this connection means, exactly, has yet to be revealed.


Boba Fett’s background and origins are a mystery. Appearing several years after the death of Jango Fett, and wearing his father’s distinctive Mandalorian armor, he proceeded to carve a ruthless name for himself as the best Bounty Hunter in the galaxy. So great were his skills that he was able to operate outside the auspices of the Bounty Hunter’s Guild, often flaunting his independence despite their efforts.

An excellent pilot and capable tactician, Boba Fett truly shines in the arena of personal violence. He is amongst the finest marksman, brawler, or vibro-knife fighter in the Galaxy, along with dozens of other esoteric fighting styles and weapon types. Only a handful of beings in the Galaxy could best Fett in a fair fight, and the Bounty Hunter himself never fights fair if he can avoid it.

Married to this lethal aptitude is a mind as rigorous and calculating as any assassin droid. Though he values his reputation, he has no sense of ego in his work. A job is a job, whether it takes a day or a year. A retreat is a regrouping, and a defeat is a setback.

This is what truly sets Fett apart: he is willing to do what it takes to get the job done, without reservation or half-measures.

Boba Fett

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