Wookie Rebel Hero


At over two and a quarter meters tall, Chewbacca is a powerful example of the Wookie race. Tall, lanky, and immensely strong, he is also deceptively intelligent, and equally capable of tearing the arms off a droid as he is doing delicate precision welding to circuit boards.

The most striking feature possessed by the Wookie is shared by most of his people: a deep and implacable sense of honor. Getting on the wrong side of Chewbacca’s loyalties is a perilous proposal at best.


As an adult wookie, Chewbacca has already lived a long life by human standards. Even in his youth he was known for his strength, his agility, and his skill with a hydrospanner. Such skills provoke envy, and more than once Chewbacca was forced to defend his honor. In one such instance his opponent died, earning him the eternal enmity of his rival’s father.

That enemy stoked his hatred for many years, until an opportunity presented itself after the rise of the Empire. He sold Chewbacca to Trandoshan slavers, and arranged his capture. Though Chewbacca escaped, he dedicated himself to aiding his fellow enslaved Wookies at great personal risk. In one such mission he was captured by an imperial Commander, who ordered his death. Chewbacca was only saved by the intervention of a young Imperial Officer, Han Solo.

Solo’s bravery cost him his commission, and the pair fled for their lives. But in giving up everything to save a stranger he earned Chewbacca’s undying loyalty. They pair passed years traveling together, taking for legal and illicit cargos. When Solo decided to follow his heart and join the Rebel Alliance, Chewbacca didn’t hesitate to follow. When Solo was turned over to Jabba the Hutt after the Battle of Hoth, Chewbacca was beside himself with rage and sorrow. He had failed.

He will do anything to rescue his friend, even if that means partnering up with the man who betrayed him.


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