Colonel Scalper

Human Rebel Commando


Corporal Scalper is a daunting figure who stands 1.9 meters in height, with a heavy, muscular build. His shaved head reveals countless scars and blaster burns, and one of his eyes has been replaced with a cybernetic prosthesis, and he has a thick, dark beard.

Like his clone-brother Forsev, Scalper never smiles. He is gruff, profane, and straight forward, and has managed to inspire total, almost fanatical loyalty in the Special Forces unit he commands for the Rebellion. His every movement is a tactical decision based on a constantly updating battle-plan in his mind, and he is never unarmed. Everything about him projects danger.


According to Scalper himself, he and Forsev are brothers, and were soldiers during the Clone Wars, though he didn’t volunteer much in the way of details. For several years he has operated and trained a Special Forces unit in the Rebel Alliance, and has a reputation as a terrifyingly effective black ops soldier.

Though his encounter with Forsev’s son Marcus was pointedly unsentimental, he clearly considers the young man his “nephew” and even gifted him with a sniper rifle from “Uncle Scalper”.

Colonel Scalper

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