Darth Vader

Imperial Grand Commander, and Sith Lord


At over two meters tall, clad in black armor, his voice a hollow echo behind a soulless mask, Vader is a name that inspires terror and obedience throughout the Galaxy. Civilized space has lost much of its familiarity with the Force, which makes Vader’s powers and the ominous red glow of his light saber all the more frightening and uncanny.

Vader knows neither fear nor mercy. Though his lethal temper is legendary, he is capable of patience, cunning, and great forethought. He has few peers in the Galaxy; it is said that his authority is second only to that of the Emperor. Even the most powerful, wealthy, and cruel crime lords, politicians, and tycoons show a wary deference to the Dark Lord of the Sith.


Darth Vader’s past is a mystery. He appeared as the Republic was being transformed by Supreme Chancellor Palpatine into the Galactic Empire. After the Emperor labeled the seemingly untouchable Jedi as traitors to the state, Vader personally led the crusade of their eradication, hunting them down one by one like an implacable curse.

By the modern era the Jedi are all but extinguished. If more than a handful exist in the Galaxy, it is because they obey their fear and make hiding from their executioner their top priority.

Darth Vader

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