Dela'nah Maxus

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Slender, elfin, and covered in a fine downy fur, Dela’nah is a lovely example of her species. To these physical qualities she adds the sense of responsibility, pragmatism, and work ethic that tend to distinguish so many Devaronian females from their male counterparts. Unlike those females, however, Dela’nah does not use her skills to govern her home planet, but instead partners them with her husband’s reckless daring in their shared smuggling enterprise.


When Dela’nah married Vilash Maxus, it looked to be a typical Devaronian paring: the male would soon grow restless and take to the stars, while the female would see to the business of running the planet. The young female surprised all her contemporaries when she insisted on accompanying Vilash on his first jaunt, claiming the Devaronian right of ciroq (a period of vacation and attentiveness following marriage).

Their honeymoon has yet to end, and while Vilash brings flare, charm, and daring-do to their enterprise, Dela’nah is clearly the brains of the outfit.

Dela'nah Maxus

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