Forsev Aranar

Human Soldier


Standing nearly 1.9 meters in height, Forsev is a striking figure. His features are rugged, weathered, and tanned, covered with minute scars from a lifetime of battle. He wears his brown hair cut in a tight crop, and his brown eyes are utterly cold and calculating.

Forsev never smiles. His every movement is a tactical decision based on a constantly updating battle-plan in his mind. He tends to wear body-armor and always has a ready arsenal of weaponry at the ready. But even with his bare hands he is a vicious, merciless combatant.

As his son Marcus recently discovered, Forsev and Boba Fett share a startling similar appearance; they could be identical twins, but for the fact that Forsev is visibly older. Even in body language and mannerism they are startlingly alike.


Forsev2No one can look at Forsev and feel at ease. For all his advanced talents in survival and personal combat, he has no mastery in the arts of blending into a crowd. This is a man who screams danger to anyone caught in his cold reflective gaze.

Whatever conflicts Forsev endured before retiring to a life of relative seclusion, they marked him deeply. Along with his wife, Iris, they raised their son to be ready for the next great conflict, without ever properly defining what that might be.

Forsev Aranar

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