General Carlist Rieekan

Human Rebel General


An older man with greying brown hair an a sad, almost forlorn expression, Carlist Rieekan is one of the most talented military minds of his generation.


A native of Alderaan, the General rejected the Empire’s New Order, and retired from active military service to instead serve the Royal House of Alderaan as a tactician, and became a founding member of the Rebel Alliance. When his home planet was destroyed, the General was near enough to receive the first (and last) panicked distress calls.

Fearing that his military intervention would compromise Alderaan as being too close to the traitorous Rebellion, Rieekan did not immediately send support. Such support could have done no good, but the General never the less blamed himself for his inaction, and the experience colored all his subsequent decisions.

Rieekan’s command of Echo Base on Hoth is an excellent example where his caution and planning payed dividends. The general had no doubt that the Empire would eventually discover the secret installation, so his strategy was centered upon delaying the massive Imperial war machine long enough to effect an evacuation. To this end he had trenches dug, installed heavy laser emplacements, planetary shields powerful enough to repel orbital bombardment, and a v-150 anti-orbital ion cannon powerful enough to disable Star Destroyers.

When the fateful day of discovery came, the general was ready, and his preparations saved the majority of the Rebel personal. But it was a sobering reality that the General’s truly miraculous work had only minimized what remained the Alliance’s greatest defeat.

General Carlist Rieekan

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