Han Solo

Human Smuggler and Rebel Hero


A tall, ruggedly handsome man in his early 30’s, Han Solo is every inch the classic smuggler. While his fame as a brilliant and daring pilot is well known throughout the Outer Rim, it is his skill with a blaster that has saved him time and again. In the entire Galaxy there are few men who are as fast, deadly, and accurate with a side-arm.

Solo is a man who inspires trust and suspicion, loyalty and hatred. He makes a point to hide his virtue behind a veneer of mercenary interest, but to his close friends and allies it is obvious that hidden under the scruffy exterior is a genuine hero.


There are several stories accounting for Solo’s history. The most common is that he was a young officer in the Imperial Fleet who disobeyed his command and was cashiered out of the Navy. He took up smuggling, and managed to stay just barely ahead of his creditors through a combination of audacity, skill, and blind luck.

The story of his last-minute rescue of Luke Skywalker during the battle of Yavin is well-known throughout the Rebellion. In truth it is the Rebel Alliance (and more pointedly, his rumored romance with Princess Liea) that spelled his doom. Ignoring his finely honed instincts for profit and self-preservation, Solo continuously forestalled repaying his debt to Jabba the Hutt so he could lend his considerable skills to the rebel cause.

Eventually, on Bespin, that debt caught up to him. The story of Han Solo is now a cautionary tale told in the cantinas where smugglers and pirates gather to swap gossip. And the moral is this: a Hutt always collects.

Han Solo

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