Mon Calamari Chief Medical Officer


Despite his fishy smell and slimy salmon-colored skin, Doctor Jesac is a highly trained doctor, proficient in battlefield surgery and the more administrative challenges of running the fleet medical services.

Though his gravelly voice tends to strike human ears as being hostile or impatient, he is an exceedingly good-natured man.


Like many Mon Calimari, Doctor Jesac has found a welcome home in the Rebel Alliance. Serving aboard one of his people’s capital Cruisers, he is in his element, both as Chief Medical Officer, and as a man who craves freedom from the Empire.

While Jesac is a brilliant doctor and an able administrator, his military decorum isn’t particularly polished. As a result he tends to under-prioritize the chain of command, and will not pester his supervisors with details he thinks they don’t need, or wouldn’t understand; especially if those details pertain to the health and well-being of fleet personnel, which is rightly his responsibility.


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