Wookie Exile


A light-furred Wookie, Katyrra is a tall, lean, and attractive specimen of her species. She tends to dress conservatively (for a Wookie) in sarong wraps, rather than letting her pelt serve as her only modesty.


Katyrra was a student at Alderaan Royal Acadamy when she met Professor Wirruun, with whom she had a cub. She’s never divulged the circumstances of their meeting, but has never referred to the older Wookie as her mate.

When an Imperial Intelligence detachment came to inspect the school during the very early days of the Empire, her Trandoshan friend, Lanklaa was targeted by an Imperial Agent, doubtless because of her status as a non-human. When Wirruun intervened, it was with fatal consequences, and he died of his wounds some days later.

With the aid of Saddo the Hutt, Katyrra escaped the growing persecution on Alderaan, and settled in Saddo’s territory on the syndicate moon known commonly as the Hive. There she raised her son in relative peace, while attempting to dispense her debt to the vile Hutt as quickly as possible. Two decades later she is still indebted.


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