Colicoid Slaver


The Colicoids are an insectoid species standing nearly two meters tall, with multiple appendages, chitinous carapaces, powerful mandibles, and flat elongated heads, and powerful stingers. They are capable of fine manipulation with their primary appendages, and have excellent vision and senses of smell.

Their insectoid mentality makes Colicoids seem particularly alien to mammalian species, but Kil’tek’tet has been a frequent buyer on the Celestial Dream, and is particularly adept at conversing with non-hive societies.

He is studiously polite, and follows all the rule of etiquette, despite the fact that it is clear that he doesn’t understand their purpose, origin, or rational. Nor does he care.


A technologically advanced race, they are most well-known for the manufacture of star-fighters and battle droids, particularly, the infamous doidekas of the Clone Wars. Though the subjugation and surrender of the Seperatists was a blow to many Colicoid fortunes, they adapted easily to the Empire, and tend to obey Imperial law to a fault.

All Colicoids are carnivorous, and often cannibalistic, and share a great appreciation for exotic flesh.


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