Lanklaa Attradar

Gentle-hearted Trandoshan


Tall and elegant, Lanklaa is an unusually sensitive Trandoshan who prefers to avoid both conflict and violence (though she is a stranger to neither). Her scales are a muted green, and her yellow eyes are large and guileless. She typically dresses in long dark hooded robes to soften her scaly angular appearance, and uses nerfhide gloves to offset her taloned claws.


Lanklaa is a true rarity amongst her kind: a gentle scholar. It is not clear how she came to attend the Alderaanian Royal Acadamy, but while there she was accosted by Imperial Agents, and at risk of being taken into custody. Wirrun, the Wookie professor of Xenobotony intervened for his student, and was fatally wounded.

Lanklaa was eventually mated to Varrua Attrader, and escaped Alderaan with him. In wedding her, Varrua accepted responsibility for the life debt incurred by Professor Wirruun’s sacrifice. This debt effectively froze their ability to incur new honor in the eyes of the great Scorekeeper, until that debt is repaid. The pair followed Wirruun’s mate and child to Hod-Radaan, in the hopes of discharging their debt. But a life-debt is not easily paid, and twenty years later they are still incapable of earning new honor.

Lanklaa acts as a chaperone for a local teaching facility, and guards the children there fiercely.

Lanklaa Attradar

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