Luke Skywalker

Human Rebel Leader


Luke Skywalker is young enough to still evince a boyish charm. Blond-haired, blue-eyed, and dimpled, everything about him screams “farmboy from a backworld”. None the less he’s managed to become one of the Rebel Alliance’s greatest assets. He is a natural-born pilot, and a savvy wing-commander.

On a personal level he is brave, selfless, and surprisingly mature for someone so young. Rumors throughout the Rebel Fleet attach another legend to him: it is said that he carries a lightsaber, though he is clearly too young to have been a Jedi.


Born on the remote desert world of Tatooine, Luke Skywalker found himself thrust into adventure when he encountered a droid bearing a message to the Rebel Alliance. In his efforts to deliver the message, the freighter he was traveling on, Piloted by Han Solo, was captured by the Death Star. In the course of their escape, they managed to free Princess Leia, saving her from an execution order for treason.

Under Leia’s guidance the small band escaped to a small Rebel base, where Luke offered his skills as an untested combat pilot. To the surprise of all he was a natural, and was one of only two members of Rogue Squadron to survive the attack on the Death Star. It was Skywalker who fired the fatal shot, a fact that made him an instant hero in the Rebellion.

Seeing his natural talent, he was promoted to Commander and give charge of Rogue Squadron, which he immediately built into an elite force of star fighters. The escape from Hoth was particularly costly, however, and many pilots were lost. Luke himself was unable to rejoin the fleet immediately, and instead found himself led into an imperial ambush on Bespin and escaped at the cost of his right hand.

Luke Skywalker

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