Feline Companion


One of the Spukami breed from Corellia, Lylek is a large black feline with a soft pelt and amber eyes. Like all of his breed, he is extremely intelligent, but far too independent to take to formal training. In fact no one is quite certain how intelligent Spukami are, although they tend to make excellent pets to those who don’t mind their haughty ways.


Spukamas 2 lylekLylek was acquired by Shala’firith and Shala’aayla soon after escaping Ryloth with their daughter, Shala’sinya. The young Sinya named the adorable black kitten for the horrid tentacled Lylek beast, an apex predator from Ryloth’s day-locked bright lands.

Though Firith never mentioned how he acquired the rare Spukamas, the feline became the trio’s house-pet during their long exile, and was apaprently also brought along onto the Second Chance when the elder Twi’lek decided left Tatooine for Waypoint Station.


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