Moff Tarn

Human Imperial Moff


A blunt, powerfully built man in his later years, Moff Tarn could never be mistaken for anything but Imperial military. From his regulation haircut to the crisp, pressed uniform, every word, glance and gesture bespeaks discipline.


Unlike most Moffs, Tarn does not have governance of a Sector. Rather he has been tasked with policing the Imperially sanctioned slave trade under Imperial Decree A-SL-4557.607.232. Though the decree legalized slavery under certain conditions throughout the galaxy, it also allowed for the taxation and regulation of that trade in return for the licensing of slavers and slaving guilds.

Amongst Tarn’s chief concerns is that the practice of slavery not project too much into the more civilized core, and that the sale of human slaves in particular be closely monitored to prevent an erosion of human hegemony.

No one could call him a sentimentalist. He has been known to purchase human slaves to prevent them from being owned by non-humans, a circumstance he finds repugnant. Moff Tarn does not keep those slaves for himself, of course. His duties and personal morals do not allow for it. He has them executed.

Moff Tarn

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