Twi'lek Freedom Fighter


Odal is a handsome young Twi’lek in his early twenties. His skin has a forest green coloration, and he tends to wear his lekku unbound and draped forward. His face is open and pleasant, though he looks neither naïve nor defenseless.


The crew of the Second Chance encountered Odal when they mistook Shala’shiri for her cousin, Shala’sinya. Shiri claimed that she had escaped from the infamous slaver Celestial Dream with Odal’s aid, and while the pair have not revealed their exact relationship is it obvious that they are very close.

When they discovered, to their horror, that Shiri’s long-lost cousin Sinya had been mistaken for the escaped slave and captured, they volunteered to return to the luxury slave cruiser, and help formulate some kind of rescue plan. It was Odal who suggested that the crew masquerade as slavers themselves, attempting to buy and sell prime stock.


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