Herglic Fleet Engineer


Olaaf is an average specimen of his race. Standing at nearly 2.1 meters tall, he is almost as wide with a dark blue rubbery hide. Immensely, almost comically strong, Olaff is never the less good natured in a blustery booming sort of way.


The Herglese of Giju took to the stars long before they encountered their first alien race in the Duros. In the modern era they are not an uncommon sight at the fringe, although their immense girth makes it difficult for them to navigate the typically cramped quarters of humanoid-sized starships.

Olaaf’s solution was to simply serve on ships big enough to carry him. Even in the modern era there are tasks that require massive manual labor. With typical cheerfulness, the Herglic works in the bowls of the Alliance’s Mon Calamari battle Cruiser, making certain the vast machinery is tended.


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