Bith Mathematics Professor


Tall, thin, and elderly, Professor Ph’ton has the over-developed cranium common amongst his highly evolved race. Like most Bith, the Professor has a natural faculty with calculations; Ph’ton takes this inborn talent to extremes, and has been known to calculate Hyperspace jumps without the aid of a Navicomputer.


The Professor of Advanced Astromathematics at Alderaan Royal Acadamy, Ph’ton is one of the most gifted pure mathematicians in the Galaxy. His ability to engage in multiple complex mental calculations was famed throughout the Alderaanian system. In the wake of his adopted home’s destruction, however, he has fallen to drink, and squanders his depleted savings amongst fellow Alderaanian refuges and exiles at Waypoint Station.

Ph’ton was clearly very close with Professor Wirruun, to the point of recognizing the resemblance in his son, Rhysh. Sadly, before the Bith mathematician could share any anecdotes (or critical information regarding the Rebel plan) he died as a result of a Stormtrooper raid on Waypoint.


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