Pluuvo Two-for-One

Human Crime Lord


A human of late middle years, Pluuvo looks nothing like a crime lord. He is well groomed, highly educated, and dresses tastefully. His eyes, however, are cold and hard as stone, and while he is always polite he never smiles.


Pluuvo’s history and origins are a mystery. He appears human, and rose to power in the Outer Rim some years before the founding of the Empire. In the unofficial rankings of the criminal underworld, Pluuvo is a big fish, on par with operators like Jabba the Hutt.

Dealing primarily with smuggling and contraband, Pluuvo is known to have an aversion to the lucrative slave trade, and neither engages in it, nor does he employ slavers. His most recent expansion of power is a slow, methodical probe into Hutt territory, testing the likely reactions to an incursion of influence.

This effort has been painstakingly patient, calculatingly cautious, and utterly ruthless; much like Pluuvo himself.

Pluuvo Two-for-One

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