Princes Leia Organa

Noble Human Rebel Leader


Leia Organa is slightly below average height (1.5 meters) and has a slender build. She tends to wear her dark brown hair in utilitarian braids, and only the lightest of makeup.

Depending on the source, she is heroic, selfless, sacrificing, a natural born leader, or manipulative, traitorous, and a natural born politician. She was admired and reviled in equal numbers in the Imperial Senate for her idealistic stances, and with the destruction of Alderaan she has become the de facto political face of the Rebel Alliance.


At less than twenty-two years of age, Princess Leia is already one of the most famous, most recognizable, and most popular citizens of the galaxy. Even with the destruction of her homeworld, and the seat of her noble title, she has an air of dignity and command that most find difficult to ignore.

Leia has turned these traits to the advantage of the Rebel Alliance, and became the core around which dozens of smaller insurgencies orbited until they eventually joined the greater whole. Only Mon Mothma commands greater raw respect.

Though not a military leader, she is greatly respected by the Alliance generals for her acumen and foresight. She possesses the ability to look at a series of decisions or events, and predict the manner in which the public will respond. Her advice has determined a great deal of the policy of the Rebel Alliance as it fights its war against the Empire, and while her decisions have not always won battles, they have maintained the vast groundswell of public sympathy and cooperation that the Alliance enjoys.

Princes Leia Organa

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