Raithe Kuat

Noble Human Inventor


Raithe is a handsome dark haired human in his middle years. Life in the isolated colony of Wayward has kept him fit, but he manages to project an air of elegance despite his rugged surroundings. By all accounts Raithe is a brilliant but eccentric engineer, and is prone to bouts of impatience and playful recklessness.


A member of the ancient and powerful Kuat dynasty. How Raithe ended up living on an uncivilized world in a colony of Alderaanian exiles is a mystery. By all accounts he met his wife, Danae, on Alderaan when she was attending the Royal Academy. Raith himself spent time working for Kuat Engineering as a lead engineer, and has hinted at working on Imperial Military projects.

Raith was known to tinker from time to time, and kept several pieces of advanced technology on Wayward that couldn’t be found elsewhere on the colony.

Raithe Kuat

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