Raymus Antilles

Noble Human Rebel Captain


Tall, dashing, brave and handsome, Raymus was everything a Prince should be. Raymus’ life was dedicated to service; service to his family, his people, and his planet. He gave unflinchingly, from the very beginning to the very end.


Raymus was born to the noble House Antilles of Alderaan just as the monarchy was passing to House Organa. To prevent a continuation of succession disputes, Raymus’ sister, Breha, married Bail Organa, and became queen. Raymus went on to serve his brother in law as a member of the Royal Alderaan Civil fleet. Raymus captained the vessel that bore Yoda to his exile world, a location only he and Bail Organa knew.

While returning to Alderaan, Raymus met a young Jedi padawan named Danae. He was deeply taken with her, and when the newborn Empire began their campaign of Jedi extermination, he wasted no time in ferrying her off world. The two fell in love, and bore a child together. Raymus knew it couldn’t last; he was needed by his planet in an increasingly hostile Empire, and Danae wouldn’t be safe in the Core.

Before they parted, Raymus secretly adopted their son, named Bail Antilles the Second, after his father, the former Senator and heir of Alderaan before the succession moved to his namesake, Bail Organa. The elder Antilles made certain that his young grandson would have everything needed to prove his identity, and included a secret for safe-keeping: Leia Organa, the young Princess, was not a legitimate heir. The savvy elder Bail made certain that, if some time in the future there was ever a challenge to House Organa, that House Antilles would once again hold the strongest claim.

Raymus gave the documents to the mother of his son, and kept in contact as well as he could, even after she remarried a young scion of House Kuat and they raised his son as their own. He continued to serve House Organa and his homeworld when he captained a ship ferrying Princess Leia on a Rebel mission. The ship was captured by Lord Vader’s ship, and even under threat of death, Raymus refused to give up the Princess, providng his dedication and honor for all time.

Vader killed him. Days later Alderaan was destroyed, and along with it all of House Organa and House Antilles, save for the adopted Princess, and the one true legitimate heir: Spang Kuat.

Raymus Antilles

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