Rhyshidaar "Rhysh"

Wookiee Mechanic and Slicer


Rhyshidaar, or “Rhysh” for short, is a Wookiee of average height and build, which for a Wookiee male, is significant. His fur is a brown with dark-brown and black highlights. He keeps his fur at the usual long length except on his forearms and hands where it’s trimmed a bit shorter, no doubt to prevent it from catching in intricate mechanisms or interfering with computer interfaces and circuit boards. He is never without an assortment of random tools and technological gadgets slung in pockets and belts.


Rhysh has lived nearly his entire life on the Syndicate-Moon of Hod-Radaan, known to most simply as The Hive. The moon orbits a Hutt-held world accessible only to the Hutts themselves and their slaves. The Hive is the orbital port where others who seek to do business with the infamous Hutt Cartels can meet with diverse business partners.

The Hive has, over the unknown centuries of its existence as a Hutt criminal port-of-call, built itself up into a highly-urbanized hodge-podge of city spires and rickety slums. The moon’s city-scape is presided over by an assortment of criminal gangs, all of whom owe some sort of allegiance to one or more Hutts and who commonly act as proxies in the inscrutable gang-wars that Hutts are notorious for.

Rhysh works for Saddo the Hutt, a young but ambitious member of his species, who saw a long-term investment in helping Rhysh’s mother escape Alderaan and Imperial enslavement. Rhysh grew up on The Hive and knows little of the forested wonders of Kashyyyk other than the tales his mother tells. The only forest he knows is the plascrete and steel jungle of The Hive, and he has developed the skills of a mechanic and slicer to navigate that jungle with skill and ease.

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Rhyshidaar "Rhysh"

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