Ryla Quellas

A Human pilot and smuggler


Ryla stands 1.6 meters tall, with a lean and wiry build. Her hair is black and about shoulder length. It looks a bit scraggly and uneven like when it grows too long she just hacks at it herself until it’s a better length. Starting at her hands and working up to her shoulders she’s heavily tattooed with a variety of elaborate and intertwining designs. The designs stretch less heavily across her shoulder blades and around her collar bones. The designs are an ongoing ‘project’ for her. There are a series of 4 small gold rings in the cartilage of each earlobe.

She dresses in an assortment of durable clothing and well worn leather. Some of the pieces are obviously meant to project a tough ‘image’ but even these items are meant to be more durable and practical instead of just for show.


Ryla grew up on a rather secluded planet with her parents and older brother. From an early age she was always the adventurous sort, being the type of child that when being told ‘Now you kids stay away from that thing’ she would be the first one to be coming up with (and following through on) plans to see just what ‘that thing’ was. Her curiosity and sense of adventure were also encouraged by her father and the stories he would tell her. Even though they were necessarily vague or abridged they still fed her imagination like crazy.

As she reached her teenage years she started proposing ideas to her parents. She wanted to learn about ships. Sometimes she wanted to learn to fix them. Or fly them. Or go be a deep space pilot. Always the theme was the same, she wanted to fly, to leave this world, to see what else was in the universe. And always her parents’ answer was the same. Maybe later. Maybe when you’re older. Yes, older. You’re too young to go run out into the universe. Why can’t you just find something here to do and forget about this?

Because waiting until she was whatever the ambiguous ‘older’ happened to be wasn’t an acceptable option, Ryla decided to take things into her own hands. She convinced people around the settlement to teach her whatever she could about ships, their pieces and parts and how to operate them. She soon became trusted to do various tasks around the settlement and when one of the semi-annual cargo ships arrived she took her chance. She stowed away on board and wasn’t discovered until the ship was too far out to just easily turn around and drop her back off at home. She managed to talk her way into being allowed to stay on board and work off her passage. During those next few months she learned everything anyone would teach her about piloting, life in space and even things like how to handle a blaster.

Once this trip was finished she had a semi-decent handful of skills, and a definite taste for this life. Over the next handful of years she took more jobs as they came, some on the up-and-up, some a little more on the ‘not-quite-legal’ side of things. It’s been more of the second sort as of late, working pretty much exclusively with one smuggler crew. She’s stayed in occasional touch with her family, mostly her father, through the years even though some of her tales have been slightly edited.

Ryla Quellas

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