Saddo the Hutt

Young Hutt Crime Lord


As a young Hutt, Saddo hasn’t achieved the majestic corpulence of his elders. In fact, by Hutt standards he’s positively svelte as a result of the privations of living on the Hive rather than a properly luxurious Hutt world. Unlike most of his kind Saddo also regularly arms himself, and is known to personally oversee his holdings.


At ninety standard years, Saddo is a relatively young Hutt who has only recently come into his own. He currently resides upon the Syndicate Moon of Hod-Rodaan (known as the Hive). While all of the Hutts who control territory on the Hive have a palatial residence there, Saddo is the only one who regularly lives there, personally overseeing his territory and gangs.

Though this costs him something in terms of comfort and luxury, it gives him a vast advantage over fellows in that their criminal interests are forces to pull their punches lest they commit the absolutely unforgivable crime of raising a hand against a Hutt.

Saddo aided the wookie Katyrra in her escape from Alderaan during the early years of the Empire, and has carefully nurtured that debt to make sure it doesn’t expire too quickly.

Saddo the Hutt

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