Exiled Twi'lek Priestess


Aayla has azure blue skin and striking pale eyes. As a priestess of the Mother she tends to dress in beaded gray robes, and attempts to live her life according to the simple rules of Temple purity.


Aayla was born to a high caste on Ryloth, able to afford a prestigious education on distant Alderaan. But some time after her schooling she met and fell in love with a male from a much lower caste, Shala’firith. Firith was a lowly spice smuggler, and had little to his name save his ship.

Aayla was estranged from her own Clan for marrying him, and the Shala Clan was always somewhat ill at ease around their refined in-law. Matters came to a head when Aayla and Firith betrayed common tradition and Clan responsibility by stealing away from Ryloth with their daughter, Sinya, to prevent her from being sold into indentured servitude for the Clan’s economic survival.

They have lived as exiles and heretics ever since. Eventually they settled on Tatooine due to Firith’s business interests, where Aayla continued to follow the tenets of the Mother and her duties as a Priestess for the Twi’lek population there.


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