Twi'lek Smuggler


A dashing figure with light golden skin, a mottled green pattern on his lekku, and the scars of a life of dubiously legal undertakings, a it is easy to see how the roguish smuggler won the heart of an educated noblewoman.

Firith wears clothing typical of spacers, including a pair of low-slung blasters.


Though Firith grew up on Ryloth, he left at an early age and took to the stars. Somewhere in his travels he met the woman who would become his wife, Aayla. It was when they returned to Ryloth that the problems started. Aayla’s high-caste Clan wanted nothing to do with Firith, and Firith’s own Clan was uneasy with the well-educated noble-woman.

When they had their daughter, they were not immune to the sad Twi’lek tradition of selling the firstborn into indentured servitude to benefit the Clan. Firith and Aayla played along until the last possible women, when they stole their daughter away, and escaped in Firith’s smuggling vessel.

The trio eventually settled on Tattoine, where Firith continued to smuggle spice for criminal figures including Jabba the Hutt.


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