Wookie Rebel Chef


Like most wookies, Shhirrak is huge and powerfully muscled. He is covered with a wiry pelt of dark brown hair streaked through with grey. He is an older example of his species, nearing his five hundredth year.

He is quick to rage, but just as ready to accept a peace offering if he thinks it is sincerely offered.


Shhirrak claims to have been a warrior in his youth, but that his fighting days are done (despite the fact that it looks like he could clear a room in a brawl). He serves the Rebel Alliance as a cook aboard the flagship’s mess hall, and takes great pride in producing authentic Wookie dishes alongside the less interesting military fare.

During a discussion with Sinya, he admitted that his children died during the Battle of Kashyyyk and subsequent subjugation. His granddaughter was sold into slavery, a fact that has haunted him in his twilight years, and driven him to find some way he can still fight the Empire, even as a humble cook.


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