Wookie Slave


A young Wookie female of less than fifty years, Shirrassa’s most striking feature is her short tawny hair. Her pelt is very fine and only an inch long in most places, the result of a mild genetic abnormality. Amongst Wookie culture this creates an almost unspeakably erotic image, and doubtless contributed to her fate as a pleasure slave.


Shirrassa’s story is depressingly common. She was born in captivity to a pair of Imperially enslaved wookies, and taken from her family at a young age, and grew up hearing legends of heroic Wookie warriors like Chewbacca, who rescued their people from slavery. She passed through many hands before finding herself for sale on the Celestial Dream, where she met the legend in the flesh.

Of course the moment he identified himself to her, Shirrassa knew she would be saved. She will do anything to help her hero, although it is obvious she has a particular dislike of Shala’shiri.


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