Twi'lek Slaver


Shiv’tel is an older Twi’lek male whose red eyes, stained lips, and slack expression bespeak a deep addiction to any number of substances. His skin tone might once have been a rich purple, but also become sallow and worm-like.

Shiv’tel’s most prominent feature is a droid voice-box set against his collar, from which his mechanical, emotionless speech emerges. His throat is wrapped tightly in a cloth garment, and was almost certainly slit at some point in the past, destroying his ability to speak and necessitating the voice-box.


The crew has yet to uncover much of Shiv’tel’s past, but it is clear that the ‘Master of Merchandise’ holds a great deal of administrative power on the luxury slaver Celestial Dream. His influence can be felt everywhere on the ship, and wherever he goes, the crew and slaves both all subtly cringe away from him, as if finding him frightening, repellant, or both.


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