Tyber Zann

Human Crime Lord


A tall, pale haired human with a wicked scar crossing haughty features, Tyber Zann is a man of iron will and merciless resolve. Several years in the Spice Mines of Kessel have burned away the trappings of opulence that often adorn successful criminal operators.


Like many of his contemporaries, Tyber Zann’s past is shrouded in mystery and myth. It is said that he was an Imperial Officer who was dishonorably discharged for graft, extortion, and fraud who used his military contacts and experience to swiftly build a criminal network capable of threatening some of the biggest operators in the Galaxy.

Dealing in slaves, tech, and weapons, he developed a reputation for absolute mercilessness. Though neither cruel nor wanton, Zann proved himself willing to commit any act if it would further his goals.

The Zann Consortium allied with the Hutt Cartel for some time before Jabba the Hutt accused Zann of stealing some valuable item, and use his vast influence to have the human incarcerated on Kessel.

Zann has recently returned, although whether he escaped or was released is a matter of conjecture.

Tyber Zann

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