Varrua Attrader

Trandoshan Outcast


Like all Trandoshans, Varrua is tall and powerfully built, although he’s gone somewhat to seed in recent years and has tended towards stoutness. He has a scaly yellow and gold hide, and beady yellow reptilian eyes.


Sometime in the distant past Varrua was a feared and respected hunter amongst his people. He was high in the estimation of the Scorekeeper, though he’s never talked about what he did prior to being mated. Upon meeting and marrying Lanklaa, however, he accepted some portion of her debt to the Wookie Wirruun and his family. As a result, Varrua’s score is frozen, and until the debt is discharged, he cannot tally.

In the interim Varrua has acted as an Arbiter for the Scorekeeper, a position of authority, but not honor. Even though he is given some respect for refereeing the tally of others, he is pitied for not being able to compete for himself. Varrua supports his family on Hive by working for corrupt local security forces; another source of pity and disdain from those who once held him in high regard.

Varrua Attrader

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