Vilash Maxus

Devaronian Smuggler Captain


Tall and dashing with the sinister red skin and prominent horns of his people, Vilash looks every inch a smuggler and pirate. For all his ominous appearance, however, he is generally a good man who simply doesn’t let little things like the law keep him from making a good life for himself and his family.

Vilash is an able pilot and a solid marksman. While he is by no means famous, he has a positive reputation amongst the spacer community, and is known as a man who keeps his deals.


Like all male Devaronians, Vilash was able to stay on his homeworld of Devaron just long enough to get married before intense wanderlust and thirst for adventure drove him off-world. To his surprise and eventual happiness, however, his young wife opted to accompany him.

Soon they acquired a ship, and named it the Ciroq, a Devaronian word analogous to “honeymoon”. They’ve been running spice ever since, and have gathered a small but loyal crew of fellow smugglers to share in their adventures.

Vilash Maxus

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