Vortha the Hutt

Elder Hutt Crime Lord


nearly twice the size of most Hutts, stretching to a length of almost five meters. He is a mature specimen of his species, well into his eight-hundredth year, and takes great pride in both his size and his age.


Almost nothing is known of Vortha, which is exceptionally unusual for a Hutt of his age and influence. Though he does not dwell within Hutt Space, and isn’t technically beholden to the Hutt Cartels, Vortha has carved an iron-clad niche for himself in the luxury slave trade, and the annual cruise of the Celestial Dream is the measure by which all other such enterprises are judged.

Vortha has maintained his independence through a lifetime of cunning and foresight, mixed with a willingness to take risks. The Celestial Dream is one of the most heavily fortified private cruisers in the galaxy, second only to Imperial Warships. Ever the adept businessman, Vortha makes certain to pay (and overpay) his Imperial taxes from the slave trade, and maintains a fine business relationship with his Imperial regulators. He also keeps up to date on his protection money to several criminal syndicates just to make certain they are invested in his wellbeing. All these habits have made him obscenely wealthy, even for a Hutt.

Though nothing is known about him personally, he is rumored to be merciless, brilliantly cunning, and utterly without pity.

Vortha the Hutt

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