Wookie Professor


A venerable Wookie of austere appearance and immaculate grooming, Wirruun looked every inch a tenured professor holding an honored position at one of the most prestigious educational facilities in the Galactic Core.


Wirruun was a Wookie well into his second century when the Empire was born, and his people thrown into bondage. While he remained largely sheltered on Alderaan, the Empire’s biases against non-humans in general, and Wookies in particular made living in the Core increasingly uncomfortable.

In the end when the Imperials came it was not a Wookie they accosted, it was a young Trandoshan student named Lanklaa. Standing upon Principle, Wirruun intervened, and was fatally wounded by Imperial Agents who were probably quite happy to have an excuse to assault the Professor.

He died of his wounds several days later.


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