Marcus Aranar

Human Wilderness Scout


Marcus is 1.7 meters tall and has a slim build. He has blue eyes and dark hair and maintains a very rough look, with short unkempt hair and light stubble. His features are weathered by the elements but he still maintains the telltale signs of youth, putting him likely in his early 20s. His clothing is usually dark and utilitarian with evident wear.


Marcus is a hard looking young man who has spent much of his life outdoors. Years of survival training on dozens of worlds have done nothing for his social skills, but he is a formidable scout. His parents are political exiles from the Empire, and so far have not told him why. What they have done is instill in him a strong dislike for the current regime and a skill set that would rival most military special forces. He calls no particular planet his home, but is deeply concerned by the loss of his mother’s homeworld, Alderran. More troubling is the sudden disappearance of his parents while he was on a hike, leaving no indication of where they had gone or why.

Marcus Aranar

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