Varssk Attrador

A Soft Hearted Trandoshan Warrior


Varssk stands a little over two meters tall, with polished green scales and orange eyes. He still bears the frenetic energy of youth, which on such a powerful frame (and in such a notoriously bloodthirsty race) often comes off as aggressive rather than excited. His patchwork equipment and clothing make it clear that Varssk doesn’t live a life of luxury.


After a troubling encounter during their education on Alderaan, Varssk’s parents made the inexplicable choice to establish themselves on the moon commonly called the Hive. They would occasionally hear of other Trandoshans who had, through illness or shame, been left behind by the harsh traditions of jagganath. They reached out and offered homes to them, slowly building a community of those deemed unworthy.
The move to the Hive was a harsh awakening for Varssk, as there were no berries or game to sustain them. Without much in the way of salable skills, he soon fell to scavenging and theft to help support the family.
Over time, Varssk and his friends collected a sizable band of castoffs, cripples, orphans, and runts into a gang called the Volunteers. They learned to protect one another in a city of pitiless steel, and in recent months have even begun to thrive. Varssk can often be seen dragging a sledge of their latest finds to Rhysh in exchange for supplies, or menacing members of other gangs who seek to push the Volunteers further into the fringe.

Varssk Attrador

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